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The Integrations provide a bridge between heterogeneous CAD systems and Teamcenter®. They improve efficiency while enabling designers to focus on product development. In addition, designers are able to search and load parts, assemblies and drawings always in the correct revision, introduce improvements in their product and exchange information with Teamcenter® easily and with minimal effort. Integrations provide also automatically neutral CAD format to Teamcenter®, it means that all downstream users could have direct access to design data when appropriate. And since the Integrations follow all the rules established in Teamcenter®, groups such as Manufacturing, Procurement and Production can seamlessly consume the design data without disrupting corporate Teamcenter® practices.


Integrations features

  • Create
  • Revise
  • Bulk Load
  • Clone Wizard
  • Check in and Check out
  • Metadata synchronization
  • X-Ref & OLE support
  • Data Browsing
  • Smart data search
  • Active Workspace integration
  • CAD neutral file support
  • Dispatcher support



MechWorks is partner of Siemens Digital Industries Software and responsible to develop the Integrations for Autodesk AutoCAD®, AutoCAD Electrical® and Inventor®.

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TCAI – Teamcenter® Integration for Autodesk® Inventor®

TCAA – Teamcenter® Integration for Autodesk® AutoCAD®

TCAA-E – Teamcenter® Integration for Autodesk® AutoCAD Electrical®


MechWorks is partner of Siemens Digital Industries Software and Bricsys® and owns, develops, sells and supports the Integration for Bricsys BricsCAD®.

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TCBB – Teamcenter® Integration for Bricsys® BricsCAD®