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MechWorks: PDM solutions for over 20 years

MechWorks srl is a company in Bologna Italy that has been offering high-performance software for more than 20 years in the development of PDM/CAD/CAM vertical solutions, with an emphasis on technical Data management.

The extensive experience of the two founders, Ciro Ettorre and Gaetano Tavano in the IT industry, is a further guarantee of quality and professionalism.

The MechWorks PDMs (DBWorks, DBInventor, DBSolidedge) have been chosen by thousands of companies for the development of their business.

MechWorks product
MechWorks product

MechWorks PDM

MechWorks develops the same PDM software for multiple CAD environments. This ensures a complete and consistent coverage of the main functions, procedures and processes to be executed with the PDM.

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MechworksPDM R20sp0.3 has been released

About 2 months ago from Mechworks's Twitter

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