Mechworks PDM - Product Data Management Software

Welcome to Mechworks PDM, your comprehensive solution for Product Data Management (PDM). Mechworks PDM offers robust features designed to streamline your CAD data management processes, ensuring efficiency, security, and collaboration across your organization.

What is PDM?

Product Data Management (PDM) is a critical component of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), focusing on the effective management and publication of product data throughout its lifecycle.

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Features of Mechworks PDM:

  • Revision History and Secure Control: Mechworks PDM enables CAD users to track and securely control the revision history of both data and files, ensuring transparency and accountability in the design process.
  • Workflow Management: Our PDM solution provides complete management of mutual exclusion and rights granting during teamwork processes, facilitating seamless collaboration and efficient workflows.
  • Comprehensive Data Organization: Mechworks PDM produces various outputs for better organization of managed data, including Bill of Materials, images, reports, and document summaries, enhancing clarity and accessibility.
  • Search, Indexing, and Archiving: With Mechworks PDM, users benefit from advanced searching, indexing, and archiving capabilities, allowing for quick retrieval and efficient management of data.
  • Customization Options: Mechworks PDM offers both out-of-the-box functionality and highly customizable features, empowering users to tailor the software to their specific integration and automation goals with ease.
  • Geographically Distributed Environment (GDE) Support: Collaboration is seamless with Mechworks PDM's support for Geographically Distributed Environments (GDE). Enjoy nearly real-time data sharing across office branches, with automatic and manual document transfers.
  • Branch Connectivity and Data Replication: Each office branch exposes an SQLServer© Database over the internet or via private connection to other branches, supported by Mechworks PDM's data replication mechanism inherent in SQLServer. Branches remain up to date with automatic handling of connection failures.
  • Intuitive Interface: Mechworks PDM features an intuitive interface designed for simplicity without sacrificing functionality. Document sharing across users is seamless, with no external tools required.
  • Ownership and Version Management: The software displays ownership information of documents across branches, with visual indicators to highlight ownership status and version updates. Users can easily refresh, download, and take ownership of remote components directly from the contextual popup menu.

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Empower your organization with Mechworks PDM and streamline your product data management processes. Contact us to learn more and experience the efficiency and collaboration our software offers.

Note: International TechneGroup (ITI) provides support and integration services for Mechworks PDM.