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R20 is coming - Mechworks



EDIT: Alpha phase has been completed, R20 is now BETA. Ask your reseller for news and feature details!


What you asked for, delivered with care.

We have a tradition of listening to you and providing effective solutions and we intend to live up to it.

You talk to us, we listen to you: we’re working hard to deliver an innovative version, satisfying your needs with the features and improvements you asked for.

We know that in a dramatically changing world the ability to adapt and innovate is fundamental and we are changing the product to fit into this new scenario where flexibility counts as much as computational needs and ease of use.

The development of R20 has been totally focused on getting new features, with special attention on remote working, empowering the automated engines, increasing the overall robustness and simplification, always taking care of performances.

MechworksPDM R17sp2.16 has been released

About a month ago from Mechworks's Twitter

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