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WebClient: Secure Cad Data on the Intranet or on the Web



WebClient it’s the Mechworks way to expose your CAD documents inside your Intranet or on the Internet, safely.

  • Define groups of users and set for each group the operations allowed and for each user the projects accessible.
  • Allow trusted user to check out and modify documents remotely.
  • Offer a simple query interface to the users outside your Design Team.

Try it here.


WebClient is distributed together with Mechworks PDM official releases, so please refer to it about version differences.


On the Server you need at least a windows 2016 or 2019; IIS is usually deployed with it.
On the Client you do not need any specific application different from what’s already provided in the WebClient installer for clients.

MechworksPDM R20sp0.3 has been released

About 2 months ago from Mechworks's Twitter

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