Product data management (PDM) is the business function often within product lifecycle management (PLM) that is responsible for the management and publication of product data.

Wikipedia definition of PDM

PDM Product Data ManagementA PDM – Product Data Management, is a fundamental software for CAD users that helps track and securely controls revisions history of both data and files.

PDM also ensures complete management of mutual exclusion and rights granting during the teamwork process (workflows).

More, it produces outputs for a better and detailed organization of managed data such as Bill of Materials, images, reports, and document summary.

Last, a Product Data Management Software provides searching, indexing, and archiving capabilities for your data.

Mechworks PDM

Mechworks develops the same PDM application for different CAD environments (DBWorks, DBInventor, DBSolidedge). This ensures complete and consistent coverage of main tasks to be performed by a PDM.

Our customers can choose different levels of customization to acquire their specific PDM integration and automation goals in a straightforward way. MechWorks PDM is both an out-of-the-box solution as well as a highly flexible integration data connection application for completing existing data systems requirements.