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 One doesn’t really appreciate the capabilities of DBworks until one has to work with something else.I would like to thank you for the excellent support you are providing. It will make the difference between success and failure for us.

Len K. Mar & John Garfitt

 I love how flexible DBWorks is!

Nick Broadbent

Vanrx Pharmasystems
 Perfect! All fixed. You guys are the best support I have ever seen. Thanks.

Kurt Rebarchek

 Your support has been exemplary and Cyclonic looks forward to increasing the utility of DBWorks.

Mark Lobo

Cyclonic Valve
 I can’t imagine running our design operation without the capabilities of DBWorks.

Brian Dunham

McAllister Technical Services
 Bosch Packaging Technology has choosen DBWorks for its ease of use, flexibility and functionality for collaboration in design teams including external contractors. We are looking forward to implement it at five European locations during the years 2003 and 2004.
Bosch Packaging

Harald Weis

Bosch Packaging Technology
 The advantage of DBWorks for Volkmann is that, beginning in 1998 to present day, we had the opportunity to start with a software that is on one side very easy to install by ourself and had, from the beginning, the features that we need, for example the integrated plot management, and all this for a low cost. On the other side it can be very easily customized with the VB-Script language so that for the future there is no limitation for us (for instance a little connection to our big ERP-System).
The system is growing with our ideas and aims and the response time is always very good. In 2004 we will integrate Volkmann and our Sister Allma in Kempten with the DBWorks replication system.
The people from Mechworks have always open ears for new ideas like:

  • DBWStandalone
  • the Briefcase function
  • the Released Database Mode
  • the Replication System

DBWorks always integrates new features in the running system so that we still have no update problem.
Our designers use DBWorks up from the first moment to save every model, assembly or drawing so that they can find it very easy.

Saurer Volkmann

Hans Günter Weishaupt

Volkmann | Saurer
 Beyond the countless “out of boxes” tools & functions, Datacard has largely benefited from the customizability of DBWorks. This flexibility has allowed us to explore endless solutions to meet our CAD needs. One of our most glaring needs was automating the processes we use to control and document our designs. We were able to “map” our existing documentation processes into DBWorks. Our CAD standards, developed prior to our DBWorks implementation, are not only maintained, but are more easily adhered since they are now built into the environment. Standards such as: file names, locations, reference file linkings, proper drawing templates, etc; is either controlled or checked without user interaction.Below are a few specific examples of how we’ve customized DBWorks to fit our needs:

  • Automatically generate and attach our documentation files to our Corporate PDM (Agile). The attached files are of zip & pdf formats and are attached to eco, part, & document objects from the DBWorks browser.
  • Generate a formatted spreadsheet that is used to automatically create assembly structures within Agile
  • Compare and highlight the differences between two drawings (different revisions)
  • Automated drawing formats
  • Automatically rename, relocate, and relink cad files once the user has decided to assign a part number to their design files
  • Single click create a zip file of an entire assembly (with or without drawings)
  • Single click a drawing to pdf

Doug Freeman

Datacard Group
 DBWorks is developed from people who know very well SolidWorks and who know also very well the practices in designing with SolidWorks MechWorks asks the customer, what must be enhanced in DBWorks,to help you to get a efficient way of developing with SolidWorks. Most enhancements are customer driven and are very fast implemented. Mechworks hotline gives answers within the next hour, especially if it’s “burning”. Every question gets an answer. DBWorks has a very easy to understand API, for all the small task which can be automated by the customer himself DBWorks supports concurrent engineering and enables you to work not with file copies. The user interface which works with colors for all the different states for the models, is very liked and understandable for the design engineers. DBWorks is easy to learn and last but not least, cheap but very efficient.

Stefan Karrer

SIG Pack
 If I were to write a PDM software from the ground up, it would end up looking just like DBWorks.
I am very impressed with the ability of DBWorks to integrate in the native environment of SolidWorks. It is simple in structure and very fast and powerful. I particularly like the ability to customize it to our needs using standard VBScripting and SQL language.
PDM is no longer a bottleneck in our company and the engineers love it!

Kent Keller

Maxon Lift

MechworksPDM R20sp0.3 has been released

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