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PDM Solidworks: DBWorks - PDM per DS SolidWorks®

dbworks - pdm solidworks


DBWorks è l’addin di Mechworks PDM per Dassault Solidworks®

Da più di quindici anni Mechworks è concentrata unicamente nel fornire soluzioni verticali PDM/PLM.

Il focus di MechWorks e la dedizione allo sviluppo ha portato DBWorks ad essere il piu’ flessibile, stabile e largamente diffuso applicativo PDM/PLM per SolidWorks®. L’obiettivo prefisso per DBWorks rimane quello di essere la migliore soluzione PDM/PLM per l’industria: l’applicazione più qualificata fornita dal supporto tecnico più competente e adatto alle esigenze del cliente.




  • Start with the basic functionality right after installing with no extra training.
  • Enhanced data entry: create a list of values or retrieve values from other data sources on the network.
  • VBScript enabled fields can be filled based on any scripting or application. As you need better organization, DBWorks provides the tool to create automatic numbering systems or drive actions on specific DBWorks events.
  • Save drawings with the name of the part/assembly automatically or copy information from the part/assembly record to the drawing record.
  • Title blocks update themselves automatically and are so flexible that they can be the result of a script you create.
  • Concurrent engineering: notify team mates working on linked documents.
  • Complete revision history.
  • DBWorks handles configurations correctly and is compatible with revision history.
  • Basic rights management with Administrator and User rights.
  • Graphic tools to easily customize tables, record viewing and external outputs.
  • Customizable Html output, to create a browsable web site illustrating all the documents in your project/assembly.
  • Customizable BOM output in Excel sheets, ready for printing or editing, retrieves data from external data source and performs automatic calculations.
  • Material Wizard Assign density to a part through a material database searching by family, subfamily or supplier.
  • Outlook Style shortcut bar Organize queries, scripts, layout in custom folders, dynamic layouts display neat, accessible information for any type of document.
  • Drawing « Part/Assembly Link Mode Force revisions of part/assemblies to their drawings revisions.
  • DBWFilter enhanced searching tool Used in conjunction with feature names, DBWFilter can ease the search of documents that use the same type of features.
  • Previous revisions multiple visualization Review and compare multiple revisions of a document in view only mode.
  • Revision ROLL BACK Collapse the current revision to a previous revision with automatic removal of redundant revisions.
  • DBWACLServer File Security Service Manages Windows file system protection on SolidWorks documents for absolute security.
  • Local checkout mode Separates released documents from work-in-progress allowing viewers to refer only to approved items.
  • Project « User management Manage the assignment of projects to DBWorks users, preventing them from viewing other projects’ documents.
  • Remote Access Share the database as well as the documents with remote installations.
  • Workflow Integrated Workflow module with graphical processes designer.
  • Briefcase Save and retrieve in/from a single zip file portions of the database including all the documents and their previously released versions. Ideal for working with remotely collaborating companies or subsidiaries.
  • Master Drawing Mode DBWorks considers that the drawings used internally to the company for production are not in the native CAD format, but in a industry standard format like TIFF or PDF DBWorks is able to preview/open/plot/visualize previous revisions, directly managing the master drawings and not the native CAD drawing.
  • Fast Preview for PDF documents.
  • Released Database Mode Maintain two databases in synch inside your company.
  • DBWARM DBWorks Access Rights Manager.


  • WebClient (requires DBWARM)


R16 R17 R20


Solidworks 2021 x x v
da R20sp0.1
Solidworks 2020 v v
da R17sp2.11
Solidworks 2019 v v
da R17sp2.2
Solidworks 2018 v v
da R17sp1.0
Solidworks 2017 v
da R16sp1.1
v x
Solidworks 2016 v v x
Solidworks 2015 v v
solo R17sp0.0
Solidworks 2014 v
fino a R16sp1.0
x x

Sistemi operativi(solo x64)

Windows 10 v v v
Windows 8.1 v v v
Windows 7 v v v
Server 2019 x v v
Server 2016 x v v
Server 2012 v v v
Server 2008 v v x


SQLServer 2019 x v v
SQLServer 2017 x v v
SQLServer 2016 v
from R16sp0.1
v v
SQLServer 2014 v v v
SQLServer 2012 R2 v v v
SQLServer 2008 R2 (****) v v x


I sistemi di virtualizzazione supportati sono VMWare Workstations.


A causa della non previdibilità dell’impatto sulle performance del sistema, non è previsto ne’ il debug ne’ il supporto di software sui quali file di parametri o file dati sia attiva la criptazione.

Qui sono riportati i dati di compatibilità per le distribuzioni precedenti a quelle riportate in questa pagina.

Supporto dei prodotti

(***) Supporto completo, include la distribuzione del prodotto tramite l’area riservata del sito Mechworks e gode del supporto tecnico finalizzato alla distribuzione di service pack per la risoluzione dei problemi o delle richieste di feature.

(**) Supporto esteso, include la distribuzione del prodotto tramite l’area riservata del sito Mechworks e gode del supporto tecnico. Non è prevista la distribuzione di ulteriori service pack.

(*) Prodotto obsoleto, non è previsto alcun tipo di supporto.

(****) Microsoft ha smesso di supportare in data 9 Luglio 2019

MechworksPDM R20sp0.3 has been released

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