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R15 Floating License Manager

R15 will be requiring the installation of a new MechWorks PDM R15 License Manager for all floating license usage.

Because of the license changes with R15, we are providing you this information now so you can plan properly for the release and deployment of R15 within your environment. We will provide technical documentation regarding the R15 License Manager when R15 is released.

Customers that currently have an R14 License Manager will have to replace it with the new R15 License Manager to be able to use R15.
The R14 License Manager is not compatible with R15.
In addition, customers that have historically used a CAD Network License Manager (like the Solidworks Network License Manager) to control license access for MechWorks PDM will no longer be able to do so.

Starting from R15, all MechWorks PDM floating license access must be managed by the new License Manager for R15.

SolidWorks Network Serial Numbers that have a “1” as the third digit like 0010 or 9010 will require a new MechWorks PDM Serial Number with R15 along with the new R15 License Manager.

Customers that are under maintenance will be able to download their new license file MwPdm.mwlic from the private area of this website, while the most up to date executable file MwLicenseManager.exe is included in the main application installation path, usually

c:\Program Files (x86)\MechWorks\MechWorks_Pdm\bin\MwLicenseManagerServer

MechworksPDM R17sp2.16 has been released

About a month ago from Mechworks's Twitter

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