The Simple solutions to
Dassault Systeme SolidWorks
Autodesk Inventor & AutoCAD
Siemens Solid Edge
document management.


DBWorks and DBInventor are the solution to SolidWorks and Autodesk Inventor document management, simple to install and easy to use from the first day.

You can learn how to use DBWorks or DBInventor in his basic functionalities in only one day and you can discover the many options available as your requirements grow. DBWorks is stable, fast and offers great scalability.

It's DBWorks that adapts itself to the way you organized the work in your company rather than the other way round. DBWorks manages SolidWorks documents as well as any other document in a simple, tidy way, constructing intuitive hierarchical trees that can include reports, high quality images, Autocad files, technical notes and more...

DBWorks the very first day can recover all your existing documents, read their properties and make them available for immediate consultation.


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Main topics Features An open system Customiziation
Ease of use
Lifecycle of a product: revisions
Comparison of validates versions
Batch printing
Advanced filter
Variant notes
Management of materials and calculation of mass properties
Feature Manager
Data management from SolidWorks
Management of non SolidWorks documents
Integration with Word, Excel, AutoCAD and ME10
Remote collaboration via Internet
Creation of documentation in HTML format
Integration with other databases
Creation of personalized bill of materials
Adding custom files and customize interfaces
Shortcut bar
Customizable entries in the popup menu
DBWorks VBScript API
Events management
Editing fields
Categorization of the documents
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